QUESTION FROM Toni- Would love to learn the best way to wire my house. Don’t know if I should hardwire or use tape. Do you guys know or have any tips?

ANSWER: We used copper tape and 12 volt LED lights. We don’t have many lighting tutorials but you can see how we did ours by following this link.

QUESTION FROM Milli-I am working on the Greenleaf Orchid house and am about ready to start painting.  This kit is balsa wood and the edges are not clean.  I can sand, but there are areas where the wood has split or has flaked.  This is my first time working with balsa and I’d like to have a clean look on the porch banisters, window trim, etc.

Any ideas about what product or process would help to fill out the edges of the balsa and make a smoother base for painting?

Thanks!  Hope you all are having a fantastic new year!

ANSWER: This is a problem we have had as well. If you follow the link below then watch these videos you will see how you can address these issues.

Repair Holes-Wood Edges

Repair Wood Post

Fix Roof Wood Gaps



Do you have a question, suggestion or even a project tutorial request? Or perhaps you have a problem that you are struggling with and need a little guidance? Well, now you can complete this all new form and we will do the best we can to help you out.

Once we have some submissions Dad and I will review all the forms and talk to you back.
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  1. What wood do you use to create furnitures? I loocked at your temples but I dont know how to
    figure out how to calculate it in centimeter, or is the temples the actually real size?

    Thanks from Sweden!

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    • Thank you for talking to us ♡
      We use 1/8″ and1/4″ basswood and paint sticks mostly. Most templates are traced right from the cut pieces but I think they probably lose some scale during the scanning process.
      Here is a converter link that will help you convert yours.

      Also, you may find some really good information on the FAQ or the building tip page.

      Thanks again for contacting us,
      Laurie from
      Dollhouse Miniature Madness and Tutorials

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  2. Dear Laurie,
    The tutorials you do with your dad are amazing! You are so blessed to be able to spend quality time with him, and you are blessing dollhouse enthusiasts everywhere by generously sharing your expertise and helpful tips and templates. I’ve learned so much by watching them! I also enjoy seeing the photos of your doll family and USPS lady living in/visiting your beautiful dollhouse. Where did you find the character dolls? I am having a terrible time locating a nice set. Either the scale is off or their clothes look bulky and poorly made. Thank you so much for all you do!

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