Beacon Hill Dollhouse

Update 04 2016

Comes Home 11/7/16

Quick Tour

Measurements and Angles

Cutting Difficult Angles

How To Install Wallpaper

Kitchen Ceiling Border

DIY Wallpaper/Windows

Stucco ceiling & wallpaper

Painting Dollhouse Trim

How To Paint House Exterior

Painting Trim

Window Wall To Wall 1 of 3

Wall Exterior 2 of 3

Wall Exterior 3 of 3

Fix Roof Wood Gaps

Repair Wood Post

Taping Edges Fix

Repair Holes-Wood Edges

Paint Your Siding 1 of 2

Paint Your Siding 2 of 2

Warp siding quick fix

Exterior Siding Installation

How to mark your lines

Tight Spaces-Siding

Roof Angle-Siding Tutorial 1

Roof Angle-Siding Tutorial 2

Exterior Fun

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