Miniature Dollhouse Lights

Standing Lamp

Lamp Clear Base

Silver Light

Modern Miniature Light

Dollhouse light wires

Run wires-fireplace

Fireplace lights on switches

Install a fireplace with lights

Mini Chandelier Clip

Chandelier Option 1

Chandelier Option 2

Light-Recycled Materials

Light from a paper template

How To Light Fixture

Download PDF-Porch Light

Light Fixture 1 of 5

Light Fixture 2 of 5

Light Fixture 3 of 5

Light Fixture 4 of 5

Light Fixture 4B of 5

Light Fixture 5 of 5

Miniature light, lampshade, trashcan and plate

Porch Light

Dollhouse Lamp

Wiring Lights

Dollhouse Box Set Lights

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