Building Tips & Tricks

Are you thinking of building a miniature dollhouse and do you feel scared just thinking about building it? Well no worries here because my dad and I have some great building tips and tricks to make it easier for you to start your very own build. Please feel free to watch and share all of these videos for some great miniature dollhouse building tips and tricks.


Dads 1:12 Scale Ruler

Download PDF-Dads Ruler

Measurements and Angles

1:12 Scale Ruler Tutorial

Cutting Difficult Angles

Miniature Nails

DIY Dollhouse Trim

Wall Exterior 1 of 3

Wall Exterior 2 of 3

Wall Exterior 3 of 3

Fix Roof Wood Gaps

Painting Trim-Exterior

Antiquing Paint-Build Tip

Painting Trim

Taping Edges Fix

Paint Exterior Trim

Remove Sticky Stickers

Great Tool

Repair Wood Post

Repair Holes-Wood Edges

2″ Bench Top Miter Saw

Mini Table Saw Review

4″ Saw Blade Change

Twisted Metal Railings

Chisel Railings

Install box molding/floor trim

Push Pins & Stick Pins

Dollhouse Glue Removal

Loctite Super Glue Hack

Here is a list of all the supplies I used during my miniature dollhouse build.

More Dollhouse Building Tip videos are coming soon

Basic Build Tools
Small Clamps
Large Clamps
Masking tape
Duct tape
Wood Glue
Crazy Glue
Hot Glue
Contact Cement
Scrap wood (used as wedges)
Finishing Nails
Paneling Nails
Coping Saw
Sandpaper (medium and fine grit)
Sanding Block
Nail File (sanding stick)

Extreme Tools
Utility Knives (Box Cutter)
Miter Box
Ban Saw
Table Saw
Radial Arm Saw
Electric Sander

Copper Foil Tape (Adhesive Back)
Copper Wire
Power Supply
Soldering Iron

Sheet protectors/thin plastic for glass
Pin-stripe tape for window lines

Ogee moulding for eave of the roof (Corbels)
Gold scrapbook paper (Reflective Surface)
Wood Stain
Two sided tape

Porch Railing
18 Gage Copper wire
1/4” Square Dowel
3/8” Square Dowel

Furniture Supply List
1/8” Basswood
1/4” Basswood
Mini hinges
Masking Tape
Scotch Tape
Two Sided Tape
Liquid Super Glue (that holds wood and metal)
Gel Super Glue (that holds wood and metal)

Homemade jigs for select items

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